About Us

DevPro is a fast-growing software consulting and full-stack development shop based in Regina. We design, build, and deploy custom software for our clients. Made entirely of developers and designers with a flat organizational structure, we’re always looking for technical leaders who present new ideas, technologies, and growth opportunities.

Our Culture

If you’d prefer to be bored at work and complain about your job, then look elsewhere! Whether we’re grabbing beers after work, taking afternoons off to golf or paintball with the company, or dank meme-ing on Slack, we hope you’ll love working here as much as we do.

Our Values

Team > Single

Contrary to the traditional method of hiring and placing individuals with clients one at a time, we focus on building up and placing well-rounded teams of developers so they can succeed together.


Built by developers, for developers, our company has great mentorship as our core value. We love training new developers by teaching good coding practices and building a strong technical foundation for their career.

Contracts? No Problem

You’ll always have a consistent income working with us - we offer great benefits, paid vacation and sick time, and much more for all our full-time salaried employees.

Tech Stack


A modern front-end framework built in TypeScript, we combine Angular with tools like TailwindCSS and RXJS to reduce development time between the design and implementation of responsive web apps.

Angular logo

Java Microservices

We use cutting edge features of modern Java and the latest tools and extensions to make Java development powerful and efficient for our devs. Using the SpringBoot framework with boilerplate-reducing technologies like Lombok, JPA, and Liquibase, we hope you’ll love our Java stack as much as we do!

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Interested in Joining Our Team?

Email us your cover letter and resume and we'll get back to your as soon as possible!